Do your laundry in 15 minutes!

We are developing a new type of a washing machine
for washing textiles, based on a different washing principle,
to make the clothes washing much faster
and cost effective for laundry services

Doing the laundry is annoying, and costumers have to wait too much at the laundry service, especially in peak times, so many of them leave, because they don't want to wait 30-90 minutes for the machines to finish.
At LEAP we are developing a washing machine, that can do the same washing efficiency in 15 min. as other machines can do in 30-60 minutes, while reducing the water and energy consumptions by app. 40%.

Why buy it?

Laundry Services

2-4x more clients served
-42% of the utilities costs
2-4x higher profit


55 hours of washing instead of 330 per year
-40% on energy
-66% on water

Market Size

28,000 laundry services, replace machines in a value of 40M EUR/year.
35,000 laundry services in the US generate a revenue of 8,3 billion USD a year.
"We strive to become an internationally recognized corporation,
which innovates constantly to produce everyday machines and appliances,
to use better technologies. We start with washing machines."

The Team

Zoltan Fischer
Project founder, Team builder, Psychologist - Great dedication for the success of the project.
Róbert Racskó
LEAP enthusiast, Manufacturing engineer –
A facilitator and problem solver
Sándor Hajnal
Machine design engineer, Innovation enthusiast – Can design and build everything
Balázs Czárl
Sales manager –
has great knowledge of the Central-European markets

Why invest?

Leap - Do your laundry in 15 minutes!

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